Environmental Awareness

One of our primary goals is to promote a harmonious relationship with the natural world. We believe that the more we understand and appreciate nature, the more we will understand ourselves and others. Our regional coordinators are volunteers that organize events and activities for people to engage with and learn more about the wonders of nature. This includes outdoor hikes, talks, environmental clean up programs and more.


Environmental Education

New Enchantment has partnered with the Aurora Foundation and the Haiku Aina Permaculture Initiative to support dynamic programs that educate people about food forests, agroforestry techniques, and the importance of biodiversity in nature.


Environmental Conservation

The "Novo Encanto Seringal" is a 20,000 acre (8125 ha) area of native amazon rainforest (equivalent to 8125 football fields), located at the border of the Brazilian states of Amazonas and Acre within a region of great ecological importance for its biodiversity. 


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