Sustainable Lifestyle Tips

There are so many great resources about sustainable living available online, and so we've referenced just a few of our favorites here.

  • 23sustainabilityGlobal Stewards is an online resource of environmental tips for sustainable living and information about exciting environmental solutions that are speeding the shift toward a sustainable way of life.
  • Sustainable Living Solutions educates people and communities to make healthy sustainable choices.
  • Sustainable Living Center is a resource for the community on how to live sustainably
  • University of Florida's Living Green provides handbooks for Sustainable Living
  • The Story of Stuff Project provides educational videos on Sustainability



Other Tips, Recipes and Suggestions

from our Members and Regional Coordinators 

Efficiency and Conservation

Author: Darla Loomis

Some interesting facts and tips about efficiency and conservation


Sustainable Agriculture

Author: Darla Loomis

Some interesting facts about sustainability in agriculture


Earth Paste Recipe

Author: Majida Thalji

Here's a recipe for earth paste, an environmentally safe cleaning product for household cleaning needs:


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