Get Involved

There are many ways you can get involved in our collective goal and mission:

  • Promote environmental awareness through re-connecting people with nature
  • Protect and conserve living examples of virgin forests and vital ecosystems
  • Educate people about biodiversity and ecological methods through engaged learning 


All donations are welcome and much needed to help us conduct our programs and environmental activities. Click here to donate to New Enchantment. Note: a new window will open to facilitate secure financial processing.

Become a Friend

New Enchantment depends mainly on the support of our friends. We invite new and current friends to join us in local activities and we appreciate the financial support our friends contribute toward the success of our environmental programs. Click here to become a friend or to renew your friendship now. Note: a new window will open to facilitate secure financial processing.

Join a local activity

Our regional monitors coordinate family-friendly events. These may include out-dorr activities or educational workshops. Check out the local calendar or reach out to your local coordinator. Click here to find a local event or click here to contact a regional coordinator.

Sustainable Lifestype Tips 

There are so many resources on how to adopt a sustainable life-style. Join us in seeking to improve this for ourselves and others. 

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